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John Burdett On “The Godfather of Kathmandu”

Godfather of Kathmandu
Many trace the modern crime thriller back to Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. A still more venerable ancestor would be Shakespeare’s Macbeth. In both cases literary giants used acts of aggravated homicide to illustrate the most agonising dilemmas of their day. Continue Reading…



During those austere postwar decades before travel overseas became almost routine for us in Britain, folk memories of a more exotic, prettier, friendlier, sunnier and above all warmer Elsewhere lurked in the collective subconscious, and drove us slowly crazy. Continue Reading…


The Quiet Farang

New York Times [19th August 2006]

THE story of the cute white girl in the red tartan bonnet who had been dead 10 years burst into the Thai news media just as another equally harrowing local story was breaking: Continue Reading…